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SA6.  "A Hard Day's Night" LP Cover Signed Beautifully By The Beatles in 1964.
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SA6. "A Hard Day's Night" LP Cover Signed Beautifully By The Beatles in 1964

Shortly after their triumphant visit to America in February of 1964, The Beatles returned home to England with a big challenge in front of them — and they delivered in a big way. They immediately began recording their third album, to be titled “A Hard Day’s Night” (although one of the album tracks, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, was recorded in France just before their trip to the U.S.). The album also served as the soundtrack to their first feature film, a critically acclaimed semi-autobiographical ‘day in the life’ of The Beatles also called “A Hard Day’s Night”. In addition to the title track and “Can’t Buy Me Love”, the LP contained such classics as “I Should Have Known Better”, “If I Fell” and “And I Love Her”, and was clearly the band’s best effort to date. Upbeat, exciting and energetic, it was the embodiment of ‘Beatlemania’, the fan frenzy that had exploded worldwide by the time the recording sessions took place. The synergistic effect created by featuring most of the album’s songs in the movie gave these great compositions even more impact. The songs included on this album are nothing short of spectacular, with the first 7 songs (Side One) appearing in the movie.

All four have autographed the back cover on this LP jacket beautifully in blue ballpoint pen, with John Lennon signing directly over the Side Two song titles, and Paul McCartney signing to the left of thick block capital letters stating “THE BEATLES”. George Harrison and Ringo Starr have signed below and above their respective images. This particular cover was the first prize in a contest held by Wathes, a store located in Liverpool, and in fact writing in another hand indicates that it was ‘PRESENTED BY WATHES’ to the winner. This well preserved album cover is in excellent condition, having been well kept over the years.

“A Hard Day’s Night” is the first U.K. issue Beatles album to feature photographs of the band members, with four individual headshots taken during the filming of the movie - and these images dramatically heighten the visual appeal of this signed Beatles treasure…..$45,000

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