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JL4. A Rare “Double Fantasy” Album Cover Signed By John Lennon
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JL4.  A Rare “Double Fantasy” Album Cover Signed By John Lennon

On November 17, 1980, John Lennon released his first album in over 5 years, and he titled it “Double Fantasy”. Sadly, his family and the world were dealt a mighty blow when just 3 weeks later he was gone forever.

After the birth of his son Sean in 1975, John decided to put his music career on ‘hold’ in order to devote all of his time to raising Sean. In doing so he literally ‘fell off the map’ – and it was only after a treacherous and potentially disastrous sailing trip on a small sailboat travelling from Rhode Island to Bermuda in a really bad storm - that he was inspired to write music again.

While in Bermuda, John began writing a string of new songs, for the first time in a long time and upon his return to New York both he and Yoko were developing, and then recording the album that would become the last he would release in his lifetime. “Double Fantasy” contained 14 tracks; 7 were sung by John and 7 were sung by Yoko.

This “Double Fantasy” album cover has been autographed beautifully on the back by John in black felt tip pen, and he has inscribed “To Wendy with love John Lennon”. Additionally, he has drawn facial caricatures of himself and Yoko, who has also signed this cover, directly beneath the caricatures.

“Double Fantasy” album covers signed by John Lennon are incredibly rare, with less than 10 coming to market in the past 34 years. In the short amount of time he had to do so, these were signed by John for close friends as well as a few people who helped work with John and Yoko on the recording of the album ……and due to the circumstances, those albums became their prized possessions.

This rare signed “Double Fantasy” cover has been nicely framed using archival materials. Signed as nicely as it is and with facial caricatures drawn by John, it is certainly one of the best of the relatively few “Double Fantasy” albums known to exist…..$18,000

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