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SI1. A Fan Magazine Signed By The Beatles Before Their Historic Shea Stadium Concert
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This is the write up which appeared in the American Express magazine ‘Going Places’.
Note that the article mentions the fact that John Lee obtained the autographs of The Beatles for his daughter Joann:

Here is a photo of Joann Lee with her brother on a Wells Fargo armored truck at the World’s Fair in 1965:

This is a photo of the Wells Fargo Badge owned by Joann’s mother.
It is exactly like the ones given to The Beatles just prior to the concert at Shea:

Here are some shots of The Beatles performing at Shea Stadium on August 15, 1965, taken from various vantage points:

SI1. A Fan Magazine Signed By The Beatles Before Their Historic Shea Stadium Concert

On August 15, 1965, The Beatles made rock ‘n roll history when they performed at Shea Stadium in Flushing, Queens, New York before a crowd of more than 55,000 frenetic fans. It shattered all previous attendance records for a concert and was the very first time a band had performed in a stadium. The event was well-documented, having been filmed in its entirety. The now-legendary concert film included not only the entire show, but several segments that preceded their appearance on the stage, which was located directly over 2nd base. The Beatles flew by helicopter onto the roof of the World’s Fair Building, located on the grounds of the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair. From there, they were transported by Wells Fargo armored truck # 1040 into Shea Stadium, a distance of just over 100 yards.

Each member of the band was given a Wells Fargo agent badge, which they later pinned to their stage jackets and wore throughout the entire show. The driver of the truck that day was Mr. John Lee, a Wells Fargo employee who had an eight year old daughter named Joann. Mr. Lee had known in advance what his assignment would be that day, so he took along one of his daughter’s Beatles fan magazines with the idea of getting the group to sign it. When he returned home that night, he presented Joann with the magazine, signed for her by all four Beatles!

Here is that fanzine, signed by the band just moments before they were to perform what is widely considered to be not only their most memorable concert ever, but arguably the single most famous concert of the past fifty years. All four have signed the front cover of the book very nicely in blue ballpoint pen. George Harrison has signed directly over his face, Ringo Starr has signed just under his chin, John Lennon has signed in his hair and Paul McCartney has signed just under the word ‘BEATLES’. Being a dark cover, the contrast is not ideal, but the signatures do show up well despite the fact that some are in dark areas. The book measures 8” x 10”, and is in very good condition overall.

This item comes with a signed letter from Joann Lee which recounts the circumstances surrounding the signing of her magazine. The event was written up in the September-October 1965 issue of the American Express magazine ‘Going Places’. This prize has been in Joann’s possession since 1965 and was only recently sold by her. Very few items were signed by The Beatles on this historic day - in fact less than five have surfaced to date. Here is one of those rarities, and yet another exceptional item being offered by Beatles Autographs with excellent, verifiable provenance.....$19,500

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