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An autographed album page is the most common form on which to find a full set of vintage Beatles autographs. An autograph album is simply a small book with blank, usually light colored pages, wherein autographs were obtained and treasured by the adoring fan. The pages from these books were usually small and lent themselves to portability.

It was not uncommon for British teenage fans (usually female) to carry these books in their purses or pockets in the 1960's. Those lucky enough to come in contact with a major star, such as The Beatles, could simply reach for their autograph books and have them sign on a random or next available blank page. Sometimes a member of the group would write "Beatles" or "The Beatles" at the top of the page, which certainly adds to the desirability of the item.

These album pages have proven to be a great way to acquire a lower priced set of all four Beatles on one piece that can be displayed nicely when matted and framed with a favorite photograph or LP cover. They have also proven to be sound investments, having risen an astounding 2000% since 1986! Because they are the most cost efficient way to get all four on one piece, signed album pages are certainly the way to go for many Beatles fans who are looking to get a nice vintage set of autographs to own and display.

AP1.  Early Beatles Autograph Set, Signed In 1961 At The World-Famous Cavern Club In Liverpool By The Original Pre-Ringo Lineup

There is no one venue as closely associated with The Beatles as Liverpool's Cavern Club. It was here where, as legend states, The Beatles played 292 times in the two-and-a-half-year period between February 9, 1961 and August 3, 1963. At their first Cavern show, they were virtually unknown even in their hometown. By the time they played their last show at the club, they were nationally-known in England and a mere six months away from their breakthrough in America and the worldwide acclaim that followed. Much has been written about the Cavern -- its origins in 1957 as a jazz club and the early ban on rock 'n roll; the damp, hot air filled with the stench of cigarettes and perfume; the walls dripping with condensation; the crowds that packed the place at lunchtime and evenings to hear all the great emerging bands; and the long queues that stretched for blocks from the entrance at 10 Mathew Street.

But from 1961 to 1963, this was The Beatles' stomping grounds and, during this time, the 150-year-old cellar would witness the astonishing rise to fame of the band that would come to dominate popular music. It was here on November 9, 1961 that Brian Epstein would first see the group perform, an event which, just over two months later, led to his signing a five-year contract with the band as their manager. The rest, as they say, is history.

Offered here is a set of Beatles autographs, signed at The Cavern Club in their inaugural year of 1961. The 4” x 3 ½” cut album page has been fully signed in blue ballpoint pen by the pre-Ringo incarnation of the band: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and original drummer Pete Best. Paul has additionally prefaced his name with "Love" and Pete has added "Best Wishes" before his signature. At the bottom, someone else (presumably the original owner) has written "The Beatles - obtained from The Cavern - Liverpool", thereby verifying the set's origins at the world-famous club.

The piece is "framed" on all four sides with glue residue from the cellophane tape which clearly held it in place in an early fan's scrapbook. This residue doesn't affect the clarity of the signatures and could easily be removed by a skilled paper restorer.

The set is accompanied by an original, but well-worn Cavern Club membership card from 1961. A very scarce artifact in itself, the membership card allowed the bearer access to the club all through the 1961 season -- becoming, in effect, a "ticket" to see The Beatles for the entire year (after the member paid a nominal cover charge with each visit, of course). Also included with this ‘Cavern set’ is a 10” x 16” photograph of The Beatles in their ‘leathers’ taken in 1961 outside of the Cavern Club, which can be used appropriately for framing to make a fabulous display once framed and hanging on your wall.

Beatles autograph sets from 1961 seldom surface as they represent some of the earliest signatures on record. Even fewer are the number of sets signed at The Cavern during their first year at the club. This is a chance to own a set from a milestone year in Beatles history -- the year the group started its climb from obscurity to fame -- and signed on their legendary manager.

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AP2. A Magnificent Blue Autograph Album Page Signed By The Beatles

Here is a blue colored autograph album page that has been signed beautifully by all four members of The Beatles in dark blue ballpoint pen, with Paul McCartney adding “Beatles” at the top, above his signature. The contrast of the light blue page and dark blue ink is striking and this is a stunning set of autographs in person.

There are no specifics available as to exactly when and where the page was signed, but the signatures date to very late 1963 / very early 1964. This is a really important time period in the history of The Beatles as they were literally on the brink of becoming a worldwide phenomenon and their legendary first trip to America was only weeks away when they signed this set of autographs for a lucky fan. The page measures 4 ½” x 4”, is in excellent overall condition and would look fabulous matted and framed with a favorite album or photograph of The Beatles. Autograph sets in which one of the band members wrote “Beatles” is extremely desirable and as time passes they’re becoming very scarce and they rarely come to market…..$11,500

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AP4. A Set Of Beatles 1964 Autographs On A Pink Colored Autograph Album Page

For many collectors, it’s a dream to own a full set of Beatles autographs on one item, signed by the band at the same time. However, with the rising rate of appreciation over years, many found that it was getting increasingly difficult to obtain that set of Beatles autographs. For such a collector, here is a more affordable full set of signatures on a pink colored autograph album page on which The Beatles have all autographed in pencil.

Measuring 5 ½” x 4 ¼”, the page is in very good condition overall, with light staining and two holes punched to the left side that could be matted out with plenty of room to spare should the set be framed for display with a favorite album or photograph of The Beatles . While there are no specifics as to exactly when and where the autographs were obtained, they date to mid-1964, which is an extremely exciting time period for The Beatles with the release of their critically acclaimed “A Hard Day’s Night” movie and accompanying smash hit LP and single, all sharing the same title. This is a nice representative autograph set from the period and here is a chance to get set of Beatles autographs on one page without having to break the set down to two or more signed pages, which would have been more than likely signed at different times…..$6,500

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AP5. A Green Colored Autograph Album Page Signed By The Beatles In Late 1962

Here is a light green colored autograph album page which was signed by all four members of The Beatles within months of Ringo Starr joining the band in August of 1962.  All four have autographed this page very nicely, with John Lennon and George Harrison signing in blue ballpoint.  George has added “XX” following his signature, indicating that this page was signed for a female fan.  Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr have signed in green ballpoint pen, with Paul adding “THE BEATLES” in capital letters, a rare form, as he almost always used script to write the name of the band when he did so.  This adds a nice touch, as it is always desirable to have a band member write “Beatles” or “The Beatles” when signing an item.  Ringo has added “Love” before and ”XXX” after his signature.  The signatures on this page date from November/December of 1962, and are excellent examples from this early period, when The Beatles were still relatively unknown throughout most of Great Britain.  The page measures 5 ¾” x 4” and is in very good condition, having been well kept over the years…..$9,000

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AP3. A Set Of Beatles Autographs On Two Pages

This complete set of Beatles signatures is contained on two pages, the first of which is a blue/green colored sheet of lined notepaper which measures 3 ¾” x 6”. John Lennon and George Harrison have signed this page beautifully in blue ballpoint pen. The second page measures 4 ½” x 4”, is light green in color, and has been signed by Paul McCartney in blue ballpoint pen, while Ringo Starr has used a black ballpoint.

Paul has written “Beatles” above his signature, which is very desirable and adds a nice touch. Both pages, which are unmatted, were signed in late 1963. All four signatures are excellent examples from this period just before The Beatles arrived here for their first historic U.S. visit. Beautifully presented, it is professionally framed with a reproduction of the classic Beatles 'Lybro' Jeans advertisement and ready for display.....$6,500

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